Mission & Commitment

Our mission at African Beauty is to positively impact the under representation of African art in the NFT space with our celebration of African heritage and culture through aesthetically pleasing art. In addition, we hope to incite a community movement that will foster diversity and level the playing field for African and black communities worldwide in the NFT space. But it doesn’t end there.

African Beauty will support highly rated charitable organizations focused on advancing health, education, and financial stability for African girls and women. One such organization is Junior Achievement Africa.

We will reveal more about our charitable initiatives over time so stay tuned.

Benefits of Ownership

Aside from participating in the first African-led and African Woman-themed 10K collection globally, being a holder means you’ll support charitable causes that uplift women and girls across Africa. You also help bridge the gender and diversity gap in the blockchain.

Other Benefits Includes:

  • Special airdrops available to holders

  • Curated pre-sales and mint passes for future high potential collections

  • Holders-only discounts and giveaways

  • Invitation to exclusive holders-only global events and so much more.

We appreciate your support!

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